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ZWTraffic 2020

Category: Road sign creation and design

Developer: UIS

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It works great in my road works!

ZWTraffic is dedicated for road engineers. roads by supporting engineers in:           

- Inserting road signs (database of signs)

- Automation of drawing horizontal signs (lines, arrows, pedestrian crossing)

Application contains a module for designing own signs, Creation reports from inserted elements, automation of drawing islands, lastly, drawing trajectory of a moving car. With every version, we try to improve our program to help users achieve best results new and exciting features include the P-21 sign, improvements of existing features and contour markings!

Once ZWTraffic is installed and loaded, a ribbon interface will appear in ZWCAD that will allow users to easily choose what they would like to do within a program.

Vertical Signs

Create all signs that you can think of, you can even add your own set of signs!

Traffic Lights

Control the road, with a set of traffic lights included within the package.

Marking contour & Drawing Longitudal profile

Marking contour line allows users to enter height of a contour line in a drawing. When this function is completed, the height will be shown in the attributes on the axis Z.

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