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ZWToolbox - the universal toolkit

ZWToolbox is a toolkit that extends the functionality of the base CAD program.

As part of the support we provide to our users, we have created several hundred additional functions for ZWCAD. The most interesting ones were placed in the ZWToolbox overlay. The price of the application is calculated in such a way that it is worth to have this tool for one or several functions only.

It includes functions such as:

Insert  points with name and number

Change context of text

Save file with backup

Save coordinates of selected points to .csv file

Insert points with description from text file           For more info be sure to contact us info@zwcad.nl  tel31519562602!

Draw points, lines or splines 

                                              Click on   the interface below to show and  display how the toolbox works!                                                                                                                           you can also download and try it out in the english version

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