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ZWMetric - Cost Estimates and Measurements

The ZWMetric program includes additional surface and line measurement tools for cost estimators, designers and architects.

Works on ZWCAD 2020!

The functionality of the program can be defined at a glance:





Example of areaDraw usage:

Example of functions that are available in ZWMetric:

Outline of the surface

The command allows you to measure a plot and displays the results in real time next to the cursor such as: 

L - length of the last section

Angle - angle

Sum L - sum of lengths from the starting point

DY, DY, DZ - last section increment in 3 axes.

X, Y, Z - coordinates of X, Y, Z.

Quick measurement without naming a description

With this function, you can quickly measure the perimeter and area of the area defined by the indicated points. 

Linear measurements

Po wybraniu funkcji mierzenia dłgości wskazujemy obiekty liniowe. Zostanie zmierzona jej całkowita długość i zostanie wwstawiona do odnośnika wraz z nazwą i numerem kolejnym.

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