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ZWGeo - Geodetic Tools for all surveyors!

Works on ZWCAD 2020!

ZWGeo functions:

• The ZWGEO programme adds new possibilities to ZWCAD:

• designations with names and point numbers in the project,

• possibility to save coordinates of points to external text files,

• possibility to load points from text files,

• Insert multiple raster pads with positioning files,

• cutting maps,

• active points table,

• inserting coordinate descriptions,

• covering up objects under the text,

• Pipeline marking. Another interesting option is block search. You have to enter the selected word and the overlay will display all the blocks that have the searched word in their name.

• The searched word can be saved to "Search results". The search results are dynamically generated, so if you upload a new file with a name that meets the search criteria, it will be displayed. The overlay searches for blocks also in added own folders with DWG project files.

Inserting many raster images

Select a folder or a location, ZWGeo does the rest.

Automatically turn off visibility of selected layers.

Visibility states

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