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CAD industry has become a behemoth over the last 2 decades and CAD program has permeated into many industries to improve efficiency as well as productivity. As a part of the phenomenon, ZWSOFT, as a CAD solution provider, has been developed rapidly and its flagship product has been embraced and apprised by the market. This year, to mark the 15th birthday of its flagship product ZWCAD, ZWCAD 2017 comes out to reward all these years support from all the customers and users.

Seamless Compatibility with
Other CAD Software

Having been through over 50,000 extremely rigorous drawing tests to guarantee seamless .dwg compatibility.

Fluent Working with
Fast and Stable Experience

Quicker and more stable performance in processing CAD drawings without hindrance.

ZERO Relearning Cost
withEasy-to-use Functionality

Similar commands to your previous program and easy-to-use features save you a lot of time and money.

Why you should use
Zwcad 2017

Friendly User Interface, Time Saving. ZWCAD 2017 is a 15th anniversary product with high compatibility, ease-of-use as well as powerful functionality which not only improves productivity but also provides better value for budget.

Tables in ZwCAD 2017

The Table feature lets you easily create neat tables just in a single step. In-place editing allows you to edit the contents of table cells, just as if you were working in Microsoft Excel. In addition, tables can export and import data files to and from Excel spreadsheets.

External Reference

Insert entire DWG files as external references. This lets everyone on your team collaborate together on big designs, yet won't increase the drawing file size by much.

Breaking Dimension Line

Dimension break function breaks dimension lines where they cross other lines -- without splitting the lines, which make the drawing much more clear. And the broken dimension lines are still easy to adjust.

Your Best DWG Viewer. View CAD Files Quickly and Easily

Compare and spot the difference. With File Compare, you can compare two similar drawings and highlight the differences clearly. Zwcad DWG Viewer is More Than a Viewer.

Layer properties management/

on/off, freeze/thaw, lock/unlock

Measure tools Distance/

Area, Mass Properties, List

Properties Palette displays details/

/Measure with snap and tracking to ensure accuracy

/Print with CTB/STB plot styles

/Plot to PDF, JPEG and PNG

2D or 3D

ZWCAD Viewer Views All

View both 2D objects and 3D models

Zoom and pan, 3D Orbit helps you view with ease

View 3D models in hide mode

View proxy entity

View image attached

Multi-language fonts support


CAD applications to triple productivity Create CAD Engineering Drawings Like Never Before

Mech-Q Mechanical

Mech-Q Mechanical

The Mech-Q Mechanical module includes a comprehensive range of mechanical symbols, fasteners, gears, material handling items (conveyor rolls, sprockets, Trajectory calculator..), springs, shafts utility and many more

Mech-Q Structural

Mech-Q Structural

The Mech-Q Structural Steel Detailing utilities for the drawing of structural steel members. It includes steel shapes , beam-connections, stairs, ladders, bracing, hand railing, frames, welding symbols, beam loading designer and more.

Mech-Q Piping Pro

Mech-Q Piping Pro

The Mech-Q piping software module Includes a large range of pipe, pipe fittings, flanges and valves. These include welded, flanged, threaded, screwed, ductile iron & cast iron, "Victaulic" stainless, PVC... piping systems. The module is equipped with features like: Auto-BOM...

Mech-Q HVAC Ducting

Mech-Q HVAC Ducting

The Mech-Q HVAC Ducting module - Ducting made easy. Rectangular, round and flat oval. Features include: auto-BOM, auto-label, flat sheet development.... Several Duct and Duct fittings included: Duct bends, transitions, tees & wyes, offsets, branches, dampers, diffusers, flexible duct, ...

ZWCAD is a powerful CAD software - but you can now add even more power and increase your drawing efficiency and accuracy with the engineering applications: ZWmech. Each ZWmech module is a set of powerful functions and utilities that makes your engineering design and drafting work easy and cost effective. The modules can be purchased separately or as a bundled suite at a discount.

ZWmech is a integrated plug in for ZWCAD and adds a powerful array of engineering modules to both the 2D and 3D to the ZWCAD platform. The ZWmech products include Mechanical, Piping, Structural Steel Detailing, and HVAC applications.

Download MechQ

ZW mech Engineering Suite

ZW mech Engineering Suite (64 Bit)

...ZWTraffic a handy cad tool for Zwcad
Try ZWTextile for Zwcad.

The application is designed to help in the design of road markings and street by using the following modules:

Diverse Add-ons voor ZwCad 2017
# Name Language Size
1 ZWTextile-X64 ZWTextile-X32 EN 9mb
2 ZWTraffic EN 9mb
3 ZWMetric EN 5mb
4 ZWGEO EN 3mb
5 ZWBlocks EN 3.5mb

Inserting symbols traffic signs vertical. The application is equipped with a data base of typical road signs. It is also possible to create your own characters, which is supported by a specialized module to help create arrays signs and other markings. Inserting markings horizontal . Simulation of traffic vehicles. Drawing islands in accordance with the specified parameters. Drawing spaces.

ZWTextile_EN_Broschure.pdf ZWTraffic 2017 - New functionalities EN.pdf

Upgrade your Zwcad, buy a update.

Affordable... so everyone gets the latest/greatest CAD

Update to Zwcad 2017

This lifetime affordability allows the entire team to be equipped with the latest and greatest CAD. At this price, ZWCAD also comes with a customer-friendly upgrade policy. We never force annual upgrades because everyone should have the freedom to choose the best tools for their job.


Upgrade Zwcad Standard € 180

High-powered AutoCAD-alternative CAD solution with native DWG support -- offers full CAD functionality/features with Costs much lower than the price of traditional CAD.

Purchase here


Upgrade Zwcad Professional € 240

High-powered AutoCAD-alternative CAD solution with native DWG support -- offers full CAD functionality/features with Costs much lower than the price of traditional CAD.

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The ZWCAD main package includes general CAD functions such as basic drawing and editing, advanced tools, annotations and dimensions, exporting and plotting, and application programming interfaces. It helps accelerate the design process from concept to completion.

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